We Teach The
Creative Process!

Unlike Mathematics or Science which require plenty of practice, you cannot drill artistic creativity because there are varying beginnings and ends to each English sentence.

Creativity is not simply a set of skills you learn. Creativity only manifests they START to be creative. It is a transformation process that takes time and the fastest way to be creative is to surround your child in a creative environment in which children are unafraid to share answers. There is no such thing as a bad or wrong idea, only building blocks for better ideas!

Practicing without guidance is futile when it comes to writing. In most cases, students end up writing the same ordinary stories. They end up being stuck in the circle of their own inexperience. The skill of writing can only be learned through practice and proper guidance from specialised teachers who will introduce them to words, phrases beyond their level of sophistication as well as impart techniques to enhance their writing skills.

Our Specialised Team Of Highly Trained,
Passionate Teachers Will:

Descriptive words and phrases

Guide them how to use descriptive words and phrases beyond their level of sophistication to enrich characters and situations in stories.

Foundational tools for the imaginative process

Impart the foundational tools for the imaginative process as well as techniques that help them with their written expression

Acquire skills at their own pace

Help students to acquire skills at their own pace & experience the feeling of achievement in an environment that builds confidence.

Learning to write at an early age is important.

The truth is, writing skills take a long time to master, that is why joining a writing class at an early age is important

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14 Years Of Educational Excellence

When we started this company in 2008, we wanted to offer a course that would provide a unified approach to writing.

We say thank you to the 7000 over children who have attended our classes. Your invaluable response has allowed us to fine-tune our expertise and methodologies to ensure results, making us one of the best education centres for English Creative Writing. We write our thanks here to all those who have supported us – teachers, students and parents who have loyally followed us throughout all these years!